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Get behind nature with Nene

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Painting nature

Hi my name is Raelene Brown. My nickname is Nene! I'm the artist behind Nene-Art-Australia.

As I'm outdoors a lot I get to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. Art is a great expressive outlet for me and my appreciation for creation is shown in my art. Living in Western Australia we are spoilt with beautiful beaches. We all have a favourite beach, a special place that evokes beautiful, warm, fond memories. I love to paint beach scenes that help stimulate these positive thoughts.

NeneArt Australia

However, before I really got into painting, I was more into sketching. As well as seascapes, I'm fascinated with flowers, like most people - such gorgeous form and folds! Then, wanting to inject full colour and texture into these sketches I started painting. Although my art journey started with pen and paper, I don't sketch out my paintings! For me, its one or the other. A sketch is beautiful as is. So I just apply paint to the canvas!

I love to paint on a deep edge canvas with the effect of the wrap around - art at all angles! I also love using thick layers of paint for an impasto style. I use various palette knives, all sorts of brushes and even my fingers for those finishing touches - no pun intended!

I love mixing colours to get different results and various hues and shades. I use high quality acrylic paint and sometimes use slow dry mediums to play around and blend with colours for a longer open time. I am loving my Hydrocryl paints. It's high viscosity is perfect for my impasto obsession. The colours are deep and rich, the kind of opacity I need to cover a canvas! But the beauty of these acrylics is that you can mix with water if you want a wash effect or want to build up the layers. Hydrocryl do have a flow promoter medium that I'm yet to get into, can't wait!

Thank you Hydrocryl! Happy Painting Everyone! 

Thanks for sharing Raelene!

Below are some of Raelene's recent paintings using Hydrocryl.

 Raelene art
 Raelene brown art


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