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Take a walk with Robyn Gray

Take a walk with Robyn Gray

Hi! I am Robyn Gray an acrylic artist from Toowoomba,  Queensland. I primarily paint figures in landscape in a romantic impressionism style.  

So recently I saw a Hydrocryl ad on insta for a starter pack that was on special. As I had been hearing about this new non-toxic Australian-made paint for a while now, on 'Put Some Colour in Your Life' tv show, and seen some fantastic artists using it, I thought I would buy some and give it a try. My first painting using these paints was a japanese theme cherry blossom scene with a geisha girl.

take a walk
acrylic paints robin

I started my usual way by gridding up a photoshopped combo of reference images together, then sketching up. (I may be a traditional style artist, but I can’t do without my technology, using my ipad and apps to photoshop up compositions, apps to grid and I keep all my reference photos on my ipad to use in the process, where I can zoom in on detail).

I then started blocking in the background.


Along the way I decided to make a stay wet palette with baking paper on damp paper towels in a sealable container. This helped greatly in keeping the paint workable and I discovered the high pigment of Hydrocryl means that only a tiny touch needs to be used to make tints. The flow promoter was also useful in making the paint into a higher viscosity. 


Thanks for sharing Robin!

You can check out more on her facebook and instagram pages  or buy her prints at Blue Thumb and Art Lovers Australia.

Below are some of Robin's recent paintings using Hydrocryl.

robin gray painting
robin gray painting


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