HYDROCRYL - The Artists Choice for Supreme Acrylic Colour

Emily Ingham

Join this fun and informative set of tutorials by Emily Ingham @emilyingham1

Meet Wilbur the Wombat! In this final part of the series, Emily demonstrates how to bring your artwork to life with the help of Hydrocryl Flow Promoter as a varnish. Having used a range of Hydrocryl colours in painting this Aussie native, Emily now demonstrates how the Hydrocryl mediums can be used to add life to your finished artwork.

The Hydrocryl colours used are Titanium WhiteBurnt Umber, Phthalo BlueBright orangeCadmium Hue Yellow, & Flow Promoter.

In this next part of the Hydrocryl series of Australian native wildlife, join along with artist Emily Ingham as she displays the colours of nature via this exciting Kookaburra!

The Hydrocryl colours used are Raw Sienna, Burnt SiennaBurnt Umber, Deep OrangeEmerald GreenCadmium Hue Yellow, Carbon Black & Titanium White.

This week Emily is back with this true Aussie icon as the star of part 4.
Learn how to use all the hues that make up our awesome Aussie outback.
From blocking in the background to painting his whiskers, Kenny is your perfect muse for Aussie painting.
The Hydrocryl colours used are Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Bright Orange and Titanium White.

This week you'll get extra time to go in studio with Emily as she demonstrates the skills of adding shadows and highlights as she paints Gigi the Gorgeous Galah on a timber tree stump.
The Hydrocryl colours used are Acra Pink, Dioxazine Purple, Deep Orange and Titanium White.

In this video, you'll get to see the finer details of the painting process up close. Watch Emily as she paints the various parts that make up the eye and those perfect but loose brushstrokes that create the feathers of this loveable Emu!
With each movement of the brush you can feel the character coming to life ready to jump off the canvas!
The Hydrocryl colours used are Deep Orange, Bright Orange, Phthalo Blue and Titanium White.

Em' uses her set of funky animals to take us all backstage in her studio and learn the finer details of her craft.
The Hydrocryl colours used are Acra Pink, Crimson, Primrose Yellow and Titanium White.
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