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Non-Toxic Paint

non toxic paint

Deep Orange and Cadmium Hue Yellow - what do these names mean?

Colours are often named after their pigment. Cadmium, for many generations a staple and easily recognised pigment has been proven to be potentially toxic and carcinogenic.

There are solutions.

Hydrocryl have a full range of colours including all your favourite Cadmium Hues. These paints look the same as regular Cadmium pigmented colours but with one difference: no toxic pigments! Our stunning Deep Orange easily rivals the most brilliant of Cadmium Reds, yet it's pigment is not a cadmium. The yellow pictured here too; as yellow as a regular cad Yellow but derived from an alternative pigment. Hence the name Cadmium Hue, for you to recognize the hue provided yet be secure in your knowledge of the safety and purity of it's materials.

Non Toxic Paint

Hydrocryl materials are 100% safe. Many artists through history have become seriously unwell due to their cramped working conditions in which they imbibed and inhaled toxic materials that they worked with constantly. Things have come a long way since and Hydrocryl are at the head of that change! 


  1. PIGMENTS: Some favourites such as Cadmium, Cobalt and Lead are in fact dangerous to your health! Yes, only a small amount makes it into the paint, on to the brush and eventually into your mouth – but the labels still carry a poison warning for very good reason. Hydrocryl colours are all 100% free from any toxic pigments!
  2. THE BASE: Every paint has 2 primary parts – the base/medium and the colour. Solvent based paints (such as oil colours) can be dangerous and have strong fumes. Acrylics are water-based and do not have any of the problems associated with solvents and nasty chemicals. Hydro (water) Cryl (acrylic) are a water-based acrylic paint.
  3. CRAMPED CONDITIONS: Make sure that you work in a well ventilated studio and that you keep your hands clean. Don’t taste the delicious colours that you are using!! (Unless of course they are the irresistible and perfectly safe Hydrocryl colours…)


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