The Story Behind Hydrocryl

“This situation does not work!
We need a solution.”

And so was Hydrocryl born.
To make artist's lives easier and to help them realise maximum creative expression.

It was the mid 1970s and acrylic paints were a new commercial reality; a very raw one at that. Colour ranges were inadequately poor, emulsions were tacky and sticky; longevity, a serious concern.

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At this time, a group of painters in Melbourne Australia approached Dr Jeffrey Pura, Australia's leading scientist in pigments and coatings to help solve their problem.

(Dr) Jeff tackled the issue holistically and set about creating a paint that would be healthy for both the artist and environment whilst providing the most vibrant and broad spectrum of colour. Jeff sought artistic input from such legendary artists as Victor Majzner, Howard Arkley and Robert Jacks to design the perfect harmony of science and creative art.

The result: Hydrocryl; a water based artist acrylic free of all toxic solvents and pigments yet providing a vibrant and intense set of colours heretofore unseen. Hydrocryl quickly became a favourite for artists of all types; from traditional painters to pop art and spread from city university campuses to outback indigenous communities. Hydrocryl has something for everyone.

In essence, Hydrocryl became a replacement for both oil paints and watercolours in a single jar.

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Hydrocryl’s distinctive smooth and creamy formula allows for retention of brushstrokes or palette knife usage straight from the jar. By sticking to a principle of only producing paint from high quality single pigments, artists are now able to thin Hydrocryl down to previously unknown levels. The Hydrocryl Flow Promoter is a specially formulated medium to allow for just this: to let the artist control the viscosity of their tool. When applied over fully dried oil paint, the Flow Promoter will act as a barrier to allow for the application of acrylics on top of the oils. Alternatively, the Flow Promoter can be used to thin down any one of the Hydrocryl colours into a glaze, or be applied clear as a satin varnish.

In line with Hydrocryl’s mission to provide the best solutions for artists, Hydrocryl is the world's first 100% non toxic range of artist's paints. Traditional staple - but toxic - pigments such as Cadmium, Cobalt and Lead do not feature at all in our colours. Careful research has been undertaken to source alternative pigments to provide all the shades and hues required - from a healthy and safe source. Try the Hydrocryl Deep Orange - a Cadmium Red equivalent to experience this firsthand. In fact, this breakthrough by Hydrocryl has been picked up by other brands internationally leading to some manufacturers referring to the Traditional Palette and the Contemporary Palette.

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