HYDROCRYL - The Artists Choice for Supreme Acrylic Colour

Video Tutorials

Are you an experienced artist looking for some inspiration and tips to use Hydrocryl paint? Or new and want to learn basic or advanced acrylic painting techniques? Browse through our 3 sets of video series and you're sure to learn something great.

Emily Ingham

Brush up on your painting skills with 'Em's funky creatures!
In this informative 6 part series you will learn how to block in your backgrounds, build colour and eventually master the finer details of creating a true Aussie masterpiece.

Mama Creatives

Feel like enjoying some quiet time at home with a drink and a canvas? Join Sydney sensation Yaeli Ohana of MamaCreatives with her 4 part intuitive series made just for creatives like you.

Colour in Your Life

Hydrocryl are proud supporters of artists. Scroll through this gallery of studio-shot episodes created in conjunction with international TV series Colour In Your Life.

Hydrocryl In Depth


For those who wish to plumb the depths of potential contained within every jar of Hydrocryl, take an in depth course with acclaimed artist and researcher Dawna Richardson-Heide and prepare to be amazed.


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