HYDROCRYL - The Artists Choice for Supreme Acrylic Colour

PRUSSIAN BLUE Hydrocryl Original Dimension Acrylic Sampler 21ml

Hydrocryl Original Dimension Acrylic  is the heavy body acrylic you have known and loved for decades. It is an ideal and safe alternative to oil paints. Colours remain brilliant, intense, vibrant and 100% true after drying, and recommended for thick, textural applications.

The paint has a creamy, luscious look and is best suited to use with palette knives or Hog bristle brushes. Can be mixed with Hydrocryl Flow Promoter to thin the acrylic out whilst maintaining the full original colour strength.

  • Thick and intense colour laydown
  • Superior adhesion
  • Ideal for Mixed Media use
  • 100% Non toxic
  • Pigments: PB15:3, PV23, PBk7
  • Opacity: Semi Opaque
  • Size: 21ml Sampler

Series 3


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