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An explosion of waves with Sandy Gaskett

An explosion of waves with Sandy Gaskett

Here's Sandy's first-hand experience at the Cottesloe Paint Off which Hydrocryl hosted at the start of the year. (This article originally appears here). 

sandy gaskett hydrocryl event

In her own words...

"What a great event!  Myself and some fellow perth Artists all got together down at Cottesloe Beach to create ocean inspired abstracts and seascapes.  It was all thanks to a wonderful incentive and sponsorship program run by Hydrocryl acrylic paints, a Melbourne based company.

Myself, Jess Swan, Kate Martin, and Peta Ciraolo all met down at Cottesloe Beach (in front of the Indiana Tearooms) on Thursday 18th January 2018, where we set up our easles and painted for 2 hours.  We had an abundance of onlookers walk by, stop and chat, fellow art lovers and other artists who came to say a gday and watch us in full painty mode!

We also set up our phones to stream via Instagram live the whole event.  We had over 5,000 viewers from all over the world.  It was so exhilarating to do and I’m hoping we go on to do more here.

Peta and myself will be painting live again at the coming Coogee Live – on the Sunday 25 March at the Port Coogee marina.  Jess and Kate will also be painting at Coogee Live but on the 24 March.   We can’t wait!"


Thanks for sharing Sandy!


You can contact Sandy at www.gasbombgirl.com or on @gasbombgirlart 

sandy gaskett hydrocryl event
sandy gaskett hydrocryl event


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