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Up close with Linzi Carter


Up close with Linzi Carter

If you've been following Hydrocryl for more than five minutes you must already be well aware of our favourite pineapple, Linzi Carter. We're kind of obsessed with her art - and with good reason too!!

Linzi is an absolute explosion of colour, design and all round lurv (as she puts it!) in the sunny schools, beaches and shopping centres of Perth. She regularly paints live at shopping centres (Karinyup), community events and is a great art convenor and role model who creates murals together with school children.



In January 2018, Hydrocryl hosted Linzi and her wing girl Sim Campbell Pope (you gotta see her awesome cows!) for a live event at The Mantle hub in Fremantle. These two amazing artists started two different paintings on opposite sides of the canvas and managed to seamlessly blend the two together in front  of the hoards of watching diners!

Make sure to see the video on our homepage of these creative twins at work together!


In Linzi's words...

"I came across Hydrocryl through Social Media. Since then it has really become my “go to” for Acrylics. My favorites are their Turquoise, Magenta and Yellow."

"I like to challenge myself with materials and style but maintain a signature style which is mainly characterised and recognisable by the vibrancy of colours I use, bold design elements and the use of light in my work."

"I love the Flow medium, it’s like liquid gold (in the realm of Acrylic Paints) and the opacity of the pigments. The vibrancy of Colour caught my eye immediately and also the brand's sensitivity to contemporary painting trends reflected by their introduction of new Hues and products."

"Hydrocryl are all about connecting with artists. I strongly feel that it is vital to be connected to other creators who speak the same language, who understand your expression and who mutually respect your contribution to the community through that expression. Art is a powerful tool and way of communicating and so that sense of ‘Dialogue’ and exchange of ideas and meaning is so important to the wellbeing, sense of purpose and the success of an artist."

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Linzi!

You can check out more or buy her prints at linzicarter.com and check out Sim at simcp.com.


Below are some of the well recognised Linzi masterpieces created using Hydrocryl.



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April 29, 2019


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July 11, 2018

Wow, such talent!

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